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Discover Amiens with one of its inhabitants

Amiens and the Amiènois have hidden treasures. One of the inhabitants is waiting for you, as a friend, for a walk. He will introduce you to the city, give you good tips and advice for guided tours, reveal gourmet specialities and where to taste them…
You will be pleasantly surprised by this quiet city that is worth a visit…and deserves a return! As Jules Verne wrote to one of his friends: “At my wife’s request, I settled in Amiens, a wise city, with an even mood. We are near Paris, enough to reflect it, without the unbearable noise and sterile agitation”.

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Tour de Ville d'Amiens

Amiens Greeters walk

City Tour

Depending on the events and activities in the city, the weather, the development work sometimes, your specific requests perhaps, each Greeter will book you a unique walk along the streets or by the water...

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Quartier Saint Acheul

Amiens Greetes walk

Saint Acheul District

Amiens is also known for the prehistoric tools that have been found in quarries. They are now being transformed into a garden in a new district. Come and discover the legends around St Firmin, St Domice, St Ulphe.

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Choisir pour moi

  • Amiens Greeters Walk

Amiens Greeters Walk

Choose on my behalf

We can choose for you, if you wish. Depending on the date and language requested, as well as your areas of interest and comments expressed on your registration form, we will make you one or more proposals for a walk.

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Who are we ?

We simply offer you the opportunity to enter the more everyday aspect of our city, with its markets, shopping centre, bistros…
We are volunteers from Amiens, members of the France Greeters Federation. We want to introduce visitors to “our Amiens”, as we would for friends. We are neither interpreter-guides nor qualified lecturers, but curious inhabitants, passionate about the richness of our city, who speak several languages, and want to meet and welcome people from abroad in Amiens, the region or France.

During the walk, the “greeter” will walk with you in the streets of a district that he loves for the richness of its past or for its architecture, its markets, its cafés, its craftsmen or its artists…

He or she will share with you his or her experiences and anecdotes; will give you his or her good addresses; and of course will be happy to answer questions that will help you better understand the city and its surroundings. Moments that we hope will remain unforgettable for you.

“The Greeters are volunteers, so the walks are free. “To launch the Amiens Antenna, we created an association called: Amiens as Friend and this causes us some operating costs: Membership of the national network, IT management, insurance, advertising….
Also, if you enjoyed the ride and want to, you can prepare a donation and give it directly to your Greeter. The latter then undertakes to forward it in full to the association’s treasurer. We thank you in advance.

What do our visitors say ?

Visite d’amiens correspondant à nos demandes (histoires et légendes de la ville, façades de la ville). Visite documentée. Michèle a fait de cet visite un échange agréable. La visite historique était ponctuée d’anecdoctes. Nous avons été enchantés de son intervention qui nous a donnée les clés de l’histoire d’Amiens et de sa richesse.

Marion I.


Sept 2018
Our day with Alix in Amiens was very fun. Sometimes communication was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to make ourselves understood on both sides. We saw and learned of things we would not have had we been on our own. Alix put in a lot of effort to be sure that we learned as much as possible about Amiens. We would recommend this program to anyone who visits.

Claire G.


Juillet 2018
Emmanuelle was enthusiastic about Amiens, had excellent English and kindly offered to escort us to our next appointment. She is delightful company.

Christine P.


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